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It has  been established beyond doubt that the excessively dry air resulting from almost every domestic central heating system is damaging to pianos. Instruments  go out of tune more quickly, tuning pins loosen, and joints split.

The Hydroceel Unit is designed to protect your piano against these damaging low humidity levels. When properly managed it will ensure that a safer, higher humidity level is maintained inside your piano.

Hydroceel is a tubular device approximately 98cm long x 4cm in diameter, and is filled with absorbent material . In an upright piano it should be hung on the two hooks supplied inside the top door. The bottom door is an alternative location, but access is much easier when it is fitted to the top door. In a grand piano it may be simply laid across the iron frame.

Hydroceel should be “refilled” or “charged” by immersing it in water for 10 minutes. The exterior should be dried, and it can then be placed inside the piano as described above. Refilling can be done by immersing it in the bath. Alternatively a dedicated refilling bag is available which will cut down on wasted water.

It should be refilled every 3-4 weeks whilst your central heating is active, but when conditions are very cold outside and the heating is cranked up, refilling should be every other week.

The original and genuine Hydroceel Unit should not be confused with inferior imitations.

Full instructions are supplied.


267 in grand

267 in upright