Grand Hammer Hanging Jig

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SP01 Grand hammer hanging jig2

This is the hammer hanging jig that makes the job easier instead of more complicated! Based upon a tried and true design that has been around for many years, this jig is extremely simple to set up and fast to use. The jig sits on the bench top and is held in position by guide hammers at each end of the section. Just slide a hammer onto its shank, drop it down into the jig, and pull the shoulder back against the plastic guide strip while your other hand pushes the tail up against an aluminum edge. This jig eliminates picking up and setting down a straightedge for each hammer, making the job faster and more accurate. Vertical alignment is easily judged by looking for square mating of the bottom of the hammer tail to the surface of the lower deck. This tool can also be used to install hammers on vertical piano actions by removing the hammer rest rail and supporting the action horizontally on the work bench in an action cradle. This jig is made from PVC plastic, with screw feet on the base for leveling. The lower deck adjusts up and down to support the hammers at approximately strike height, while an aluminum rail locates the inside edges of the tails. The top deck has an adjustable straightedge to align the hammer shoulders. Includes our 10 page publication, “Grand Hammers — boring, tail shaping, and installation.”

SP01 Grand hammer hanging jig

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