Welcome to Heckscher & Company

Since 1883 this family business has combined craftsmanship, industry knowledge, and an absolute commitment to customer care, to become a leader in providing quality piano parts and accessories.

Heckscher & Company is uniquely placed to recommend and provide superior piano parts. The company has served the piano industry for over 130 years, & I have been with the company for 46 of those years! I am proud to be the distributor for various premium products including Abel Hammers and Action Parts, Röslau Steel Wire, Watanabe Tuning Tools, Denro Tuning Pins, Laoureux Felts,  etc.

I value greatly my ongoing relationships with clients, old and new, who trust me to source and supply the best available piano parts and materials. Please have a look at my new website, and don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Martin Heckscher