Tool Case

263A. 263B ABS Tool Case with wheels263a Tool Case.

About 10 years ago we decided that this great classic tool case was uncompetitive with the cheap imported cases which were becoming available at that time, and we tried to discontinue it. But it turned out that customers wanted the quality to which they had become accustomed, and apparently they were  prepared to pay for it. So it came back by popular demand, and here it is again!

It’s the same as before with a black ABS shell, and an aluminium extruded frame. It comes with the same elasticated tool boards which we designed many years ago because we felt that the standard tool boards weren’t  really suitable for most piano tools. The size is 465 x 335 x 170mm. These days it can be ordered with wheels and a telescopic handle as an extra cost option. The usual delivery time is about 10-14 days.

To order or check prices please email or phone me on 01494 758713