Bushing Cloth

13E Bushing Cloth Strips
The finest Piano Bushing Cloth is available in 5 thicknesses.
  • For flange & key bushings
  • Colour: red
  • 100% fine wool
  • The width of the roll is 142cm.
  • Any amount can be cut from the roll from the minimum quantity of 10cm upwards.
0.9mm Bushing Cloth (13a)
1.1mm Bushing Cloth (13b)
1.3mm Bushing Cloth (13c)
1.5mm Bushing Cloth (13d)
1.8mm Bushing Cloth (13e)

Little known fact about bushing cloth: the “white centre”, a long time distinguishing feature of fine bushing cloth is in fact a throw back to the early days of the manufacture of this cloth when the dye (cochineal) was too primitive to permeate through the entire thickness. The result was a white centre. For many years the cloth manufacturers have restricted the application of modern dye in order to maintain a good white centre!

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