Safety Castors for upright pianos in schools

Safety Castors for upright pianos in schools – an overview

Upright pianos  are very heavy and a disproportionate amount of the weight is high up and at the back – which makes them inherently unstable. When being moved by unskilled hands, upright pianos can be accidents waiting to happen. Please take a look at our safety brackets & rear toe kits to see how the risks can be reduced. Both products have been tried and tested over many years. This is of major importance in schools and public places.

Safety Brackets for modern upright pianos, no. 303b

The 303b Safety Brackets are most suitable for modern “slimline” pianos. They are extendible to suit the depth of the piano concerned, and dished so that it remains close to its original height. Additional stability is gained because the rear castors sit outboard at the back of the instrument. Each castor features twin soft compound wheels. The brackets are finished in black.

The Rear Toe Kit for upright pianos with traditional casework, no. 303c

The “Rear Toe Kit” places the rear castors outboard behind the instrument to achieve much improved stability. The kit comprises a pair of castors for the front “toes” (the plate size is 60mm x 60mm enabling a good fit on most toes), and a pair of substantial steel inverted T shaped brackets, each fitted with twin wheel castors, for the back of the piano.