PTFE Powder


Micro-fine PTFE Powder

  • available in 2 sizes
  • 1 US fluid ounce tub (SP23)
  • 4 US fluid ounce tub (SP23/4)

PTFE in a very fine powdered form, this product is a superior substitute for talc and other lubricants commonly used on grand piano rollers and keybeds. The roller is the single biggest source of friction in the grand action. Despite graphite or polymer coatings on the repetition lever, friction levels often remain high enough to adversely affect touch weight and cause squeaking. While dry lubricants such as talc or One-Puff will work to some degree, none are as effective or long-lasting as the correct grade of PTFE powder. After testing numerous types and grades of PTFE micro-powders, we found this one to be optimum for piano applications. 1 US fl oz should treat about 10 sets of grand rollers. PTFE powder is especially valuable when making touch weight measurements on grand actions, since it will typically reduce friction by about 2 grams compared to other lubricants, and virtually eliminates the  static  friction (reluctance of the action parts to start moving), so that you no longer have to tap the bench top to get the key moving when measuring downweight or upweight. Thus the job goes faster and your measurements are more consistent.

Tip: Applying the powder to rollers

PTFE brush

This product should be applied to rollers with a small, natural bristle brush. (Never rub it on with fingers since skin oils can contaminate roller leather and potentially cause squeaking). A stencil brush about 5″ long as shown below is the best type we have found. The bristles are just the right stiffness and hold enough powder to treat two octaves or so. These brushes are available at craft or art supply stores.

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